Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog Tour: Vida Bailey!

I was so happy when I learned that Shanna Germain, one of my heroes in the erotic-literature world, would be releasing an anthology with Cleis Press. Then I got to be happy all over [again] when I saw the table of contents, filled to the brim with writers I admire—writers such as my friend and colleague Vida Bailey, who just happens to be here in the studio with me this morning...

All thanks to the gracious Jeremy for inviting me and my little bit of naughtiness round! I am delighted to be in Shanna’s book, and delighted to be here.

My story was inspired by a picture on tumblr someone posted, this sweet little visual vignette.

And I thought what a very sweet thing it would be for a slave to have a slave sister. Out of this, a story was born. Here is a little tiny snippet for you to sample, so that you can go read the story and see What Came Before. Isn’t it the joy of erotica, readers, that you can experience all the fun of the idea of having your own little kitten, without any of the hard work and maintenance?

In the hotel room, Michael’s email alert chimed.

Dear Sir,

I‘m sorry to report that our kitten has broken a rule. If you would turn on your webcam, you could hear her confession for yourself 

-  S

Expressionless, Michael opened his link to home, and raised an eyebrow at the scene that greeted him. The kitten in question was tied into their sex swing, naked, her thighs spread and bound apart. His girlfriend Saphina knelt between them, looking back at the camera.

    ‘Well, Liz?’

    ‘Saphina caught me making myself come, Sir.’

Liz tried to look contrite, but Saphina was tickling her thighs, and giggling. Schoolgirl giggling abounded. Michael’s face assumed a pleasant, neutral expression.

    ‘Show me, Saph. Where was she at?’

Saphina leaned forward and nipped Liz’s inner thigh. She put her mouth to Liz’s visibly swollen pussy and went to work. Liz writhed in the air and began moaning, trying to swing herself onto Saph’s face.  Her pelvis rocked and her nipples stood out hard. Saphina twisted two fingers inside her pumped them in and out. When Liz was about to tip over the edge, Michael spoke.

    ‘Ok, Saph, I see.’

 Saphina pulled back from her captor, mouth slick. Liz let out an aggrieved wail. 

‘Now it’s time to make her cry.’

He smiled, and settled back to watch.

Come join Vida blogging periodically and tumblring far more often. Be good girls and boys, and check out a copy of Bound By Lust, for much, much more than this.

Thank you, Vida, and congratulations to all!!


Janine Ashbless said...

This is just the hottest story... probably my favourite in the anthology. I thought it was great!

Vida said...

Oh, Janine! That's such a nice thing to say. Thank you, so.

Vida said...

And thank you to Jeremy for his hospitality. Sorry, I meant to say that first, but Janine's comment ambushed me!

Jeremy Edwards said...

My pleasure, Vida!

Oh, yes, that Janine Ashbless, always leaping right into one's lap—thank goodness.

Janine Ashbless said...


Alana Noel Voth said...

Very hot story, Vida.

Best to you.


Alana Noel Voth said...

Hi Jeremy! XO.

Alana Noel Voth said...

I posted a note to Vida then it disappeared. So I'll try again.

Hot story, Vida!

Best to you. Keep writing.



Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Alana!

Yeah, I was just wondering what happened to your first comment... Weird!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Blogger has been such a jerk today. You'll notice I had to link to Vida's second image—because it just wouldn't lay out in the right place.

Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

I adored this story. So did my husband, which led to some hot extracurricular conversations. Thank you! And that picture is lovely--I can see why you found it inspirational.

Vida said...

Oo, thanks, guys. Teresa, I'm so glad :)